FIX ‘N’ CHIPS Franchisee – Point Cook: Rachael….’A Natural Fit’

Fix N Chip Team
| Date:
October 7, 2018

FIX ‘N’ CHIPS Franchisee – Point Cook: Rachael….’A Natural Fit’

We’d like to shine this month’s spotlight on our franchisee servicing Melbourne’s Point Cook region – Rachael Dela Fuente

We are so excited that Rachael has chosen to join team FIX ‘N’ CHIPS! Rachael has the honour of being our first female Franchisee, and we couldn’t ask for anyone more equipped to own and operate her own successful FIX ‘N’ CHIPS business. She is also a very busy mum of three fun and active boys.

Fortunately for us, Rachael recognised in FIX ‘N’ CHIPS what we always knew – that this is a business perfectly suited to a female operator. It’s unique work that melds a trade with artistry and requires attention to fine detail, and Rachael is a natural fit as a FIX ‘N’ CHIPS franchisee.

We recently interviewed Rachael about her journey to becoming a FIX ‘N’ CHIPS franchise owner:

1. What made you choose a FIX ‘N’ CHIPS Franchise?
I really needed a change of job and was always curious about FIX ‘N’ CHIPS as I had used them a few years ago. Also, I know I’m good with my hands, quite creative and a people person.

2. What were you doing before?
I was working for many years at the Melbourne Casino as an Executive Host

3. How have you found being self-employed?
I found it a bit hard at first only because it was so different to what I had already done. The benefits of being self-employed are higher as you can work your own hours which offer more opportunities for family/life balance

4. Do you like the work?

I actually love it because I like doing things with my hands, you are in touch with your creative side, you meet new customers every week and build friendships with ongoing customers. It’s not too dissimilar to the position I had at the casino, the only difference being is that I’m working for myself

5. Is it harder being a woman in this industry?
A little harder as it’s very male dominant and when I turn up to a job, they don’t expect a female! I’ve had so many good comments/feedback from customers & clients saying it’s great to see a female around doing this “stuff” and that it’s nice to see a change

6. Was it hard to learn?
No, not really – it was easy because I was willing to learn, however like anything new, it just takes practice

7. Do you feel supported by Head Office?

They have helped me from the beginning to the end with the training, setting up the business admin side and the process of starting my own franchise.

They are always happy to answer any queries I have and they forward on any new jobs that have come through FIX ‘N’ CHIPS 1300 number and Website. I know I always have full support if I need it.

8. Is it easier being part of a Franchise team?
Yes, definitely – because you have the full support of the Head Office and the other Franchisees

9. Would you recommend a FIX ‘N’ CHIPS Franchise to someone/another woman?

It’s enjoyable work, the equipment /tools aren’t heavy at all.
If I can do it – any woman (or man) can!