Bathroom Repair Specialist

We Offer Fast & Affordable Bathroom Repairs Like New!

Our talented team of technicians are experts in fixing Bathroom Benchtops, chips and cracks in walls, chips and cracks in tiles, chips and cracks in floors, shower base repairs and scratches in shower frames.
Before you pay full price on a replacement talk to our friendly team about our cost-effective repair options.

Common Asked Question?

What Types of Bathroom Repairs do you offer?

We repair chips in bathroom laminate, marble, granite, and Caesarstone benchtops, plus two pack cupboards and drawers. We also fix bathroom chips and cracks in floors, walls, tiles, acrylic and enamel baths, poly marble shower bases and scratches in aluminium shower frames and trim.

What are the benefits of using Fix n Chips for your Bathroom repairs?

Fast and reliable services with significantly saving with amazing results - Our service eliminates the need for builders or residential client to have to pay full price on new replacements.

What Bathroom repairs can’t you fix?

Large cracks in floor tiles that are in traffic areas.

What is your Bathroom repair process?

It involves several repair systems depending on the surface damaged; only our franchisees and technicians are privy to it as it is the Intellectual Property of FIX’N’CHIPS.

What time frame are most jobs completed in?

All our technicians go through our training program and very skilled and efficient at their job. Most jobs take about 1 to 2 hours.

Do you fix chips, cracks, scratches and defects?

Yes, we fix a large range of bathroom chips, cracks, scratches and defects.

What is the most common bathroom repairs you fix?

A large portion on our jobs we are called out for require Bath chip repairs.

Do you offer Bathtub Resurfacing?

No, but we are an agent for Inner bath. Talk to our team for a referal

Do you offer commercial and domestic bathroom repairs?

Yes, we work for large Commercial builders like Hamilton Marino, and most high volume builder, plus private clients

Do you offer a protection system of bathroom surfaces.

Yes, we have a unique peelable coating system that covers and protects benchtops, sinks, baths, shower bases and even glass in windows from scratch damage during the construction phase.
Peelable Coating System