Benchtop Repair Specialist

We Offer Fast & Affordable Benchtop Repairs Like New!

Most of the benchtop repairs we get called to are from people standing or sitting on stone benches or burn marks on laminate benchtops from hot saucepan or other kitchen utilities.

Our talented team of technicians are experts in fixing Caeserstone Benchtops, Granite Benchtops, Marble Benchtops, Polymarble Benchtops, Porcelain Benchtops and Laminate Benchtops.

Common Asked Question?

What Types of Benchtop Repairs does
FIX ’N’ CHIPS offer?

Chip and crack repairs to caeserstone, granite,marble,and polymarble, porcelain and Laminate Benchtop

What are the benefits of using FIX ’N’ CHIPS for your Benchtop repairs?

Our repair system can save the owner or builder the inconvenience and cost of replacing the bench.

What is your Benchtop repairs process?

We have different repair processes for laminate and stone Benchtops.

What time frame are most jobs completed in?

Our repair technicians are extremely knowledgeable and efficient, and on average most benchtop repairs are completed in 1 to 2 hours.

What Benchtop repairs cant we fix?

Water damaged laminated benchtops that are lifting.

Do you offer Benchtop polishing, Stone Sealing?

No, but we have a preferred team of specialist that we recommend for getting this done.

Do you fix chips, cracks, join repairs and defects?

Yes, our team can fix benchtop chips, benchtop cracks, benchtop join repairs and benchtop defects?

How do you best match the colour of the existing bench?

By using our colour matching system.